HoloHabits will identify your unique healthspan bottlenecks.

Based on your laboratory test results (blood and DNA tests you can do at home) it will provide you with personalized health, diet, and lifestyle recommendations.

You will then challenge yourself to change your habits together with a tribe of like-minded people all on the same path for longevity.

Your guides will be leading pioneers in the biohacking and health optimization space. 

Download HoloHabits now and embark on a healthier journey, one habit at a time.

Your guides will be leading pioneers and figures in the health optimization space.



HoloIndex identifies your healthspan bottlenecks and suggests actionable dietary & lifestyle changes.

From the Greek word ολοσ (holos) meaning entire or whole, the HoloIndex combines various biological and behavioral biomarkers into a comprehensive visualization.

It delivers in-depth knowledge on how to optimize your personalized health journey for better performance, health & longevity.

To access the HoloIndex you need to order and do the HoloHabits Biomarker Test Kit.

HoloHabits Biomarker Test Kit is easy to do in the comfort of your home without doctor appointments. It decodes your blood biomarkers and gives you actionable dietary & lifestyle recommendations.

HoloHabits Biomarker Test Kit currently includes 33 essential biomarkers for minerals, fatty acids, hormones, amino acids, vitamins, and NAD+ for cellular function.

Analyzing these nutritional and hormonal biomarkers used to cost thousands of euros just a few years ago. Now you can get the same results and more with a fraction of the cost.

No wasting time queuing at a clinic or expensive doctor visits - Due to breakthroughs in laboratory testing methodology and technology, we can now deliver these results from the convenience of your home and results including recommendations directly to your device.

Included biomarkers

  • Amino acids: arginine, citrulline, taurine, tyrosine, asparagine, carnitine, valine, tryptophan, glutamine, proline, threonine, BCAA
  • Fatty acids: C18:1 (Oleic Acid), C18:2 (Linoleic Acid), EPA, DHA, Omega-3 Index
  • Hormones: Testosterone, Cortisol, Testosterone/Cortisol Ratio
  • Minerals: Zinc (whole blood & intra-cellular), selenium (whole blood & intra-cellular), magnesium (whole blood & intra-cellular), ferritin, copper
  • Vitamins: D, E, B12 (active), A (retinol)
  • NAD+ (essential mitochondrial biomarker related to energy metabolism, DNA repair, longevity & aging)

Once you have ordered the HoloHabits Biomarker Test Kit and your results have been analyzed, you will be displayed your comprehensive, in-depth HoloIndex with exact personalized, and actionable recommendations on the HoloHabits app.

We recommend taking the test 2-4 times per year to ensure optimal biomarkers for longevity and accurate functioning of our algorithms for your benefit.

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